Experienced Professional Tutors for Free


The Free Tutoring Foundation improves communities by connecting financially disadvantaged students to experienced professional tutors for free.




. . . because a rising tide

             lifts all ships.

Actions in Support of our Mission

In order to accomplish our mission, The Free Tutoring Foundation . . .

...Shares Knowledge

Knowledge is the foundation of learning. Knowing facts and figures alone can’t qualify as true learning. However, students must know something before they can understand it. Teachers must provide the bedrock upon which our students build their comprehension.

...Leads Students to Understanding

Understanding is a journey. Students learn best when they discover the truth themselves. Teachers must serve as guides, assisting our students as they navigate the landscape—often tricky and sometimes difficult to traverse.

...Applies Concepts to Real-Life Situations

Application makes concepts useful. Students who understand ideas can apply them to solve problems in the real world. Teachers must be bridges that allow our students to connect the skills they’ve learned to their practical purposes.

...Encourages Creative and Critical Thinking

Creativity and Evaluation take learning to the next level. Students who master application can go beyond—creating new solutions and evaluating their effectiveness.  Teachers must hope that our students eventually go farther afield than we can imagine, surpassing all boundaries in their way.

...Offers Resources Based on Need

The Free Tutoring Foundation subscribes to the principle that “we’re all better off, when we’re all better off.” Foundation assistance is reserved for students with financial hardships which make it impossible to afford tutoring through traditional means. The Foundation intends to be a rising tide that lifts all ships.

...Requires Student Commitment

Success in any endeavor requires effort. Offering services for free can sometimes be minimally effective (even counterproductive) when the participants don’t value the time spent. The Free Tutoring Foundation works to avoid this through two channels: (1) A requirement for prospective students to complete a basic application and (2) an expectation that students will “Pay It Forward” with hour-for-hour volunteer work through other community improvement organizations.


A birthday reflection, 12 July 2016:





Tyler Wear is a technology entrepreneur with expertise in interactive digital applications and software-as-a-service, including products to enhance the higher education experience. Following his undergraduate studies, Tyler spent several years as an Educational Leadership Consultant for his fraternity, Phi Delta Theta. He earned his Bachelor of Arts degree in Entrepreneurship and Venture Management at The University of Oklahoma. Tyler has spent time volunteering through his school and in his personal time, including Habitat for Humanity and the Girl Scouts of Northeast Texas.




Jeff Martin is an attorney in Dallas with Hartline Dacus Barger Dreyer, LLP, (HDBD) a prestigious business liability defense firm. He has spent more than ten years representing businesses of all sizes, helping them protect their legal interests. Jeff’s advocacy for philanthropic organizations goes back to his work for the Deaf Action Center during his academic career. Now, he’s looking to renew his efforts through the work of the Foundation. Jeff completed his undergraduate studies at the University of Texas where he earned a Bachelor of Science in Radio, Television & Film Studies and a Bachelor of Arts with Honors in Government. Jeff went to complete his Juris Doctor degree at St. Mary’s University in San Antonio.




Dr. Stacie Smith, DVM is a veterinarian currently working for Virbac Pharmaceuticals as a technical expert in their Animal Health division. An experienced trainer, Stacie has developed and executed learning modules for all levels of management and peers throughout her career in both private practice and corporate settings.  She has divided her time in the veterinary industry between providing technical support and training to territory sales representatives, and veterinarians and their clinic staff. Stacie completed her Bachelor of Science in Biology at Southern Methodist University and went on to earn her Doctor of Veterinary Medicine degree from Texas A&M University, College of Veterinary Medicine. She has dedicated volunteer time through school, work, and in her personal life, most recently through her church’s Project Transformation which helps school children improve their basic reading skills.

43 Circuits


We live on an orb,

      that circles a star,

             and carries us ‘round all together.


Forty-three times now,

       I’ve circled our sun,

            along with some six billion others.


Compared to the masses,

       the burdens I bear,

           are really just light as a feather.


There’s no time to wait,

      the moment’s now come,

           to give something back to my brothers.

With the poem above, the Free Tutoring Foundation was born—launched in the Summer of 2016, the Foundation aims to fulfill the vision of its founder, Adam Jochelson. Adam has spent more than 20 years tutoring students in high level math, science, and engineering courses. For at least the last decade he’s been among the premier tutors in the Dallas area, contributing to the success of many dozens of elite students in their academic pursuits. Basic principles of supply and demand put his services (and those of many other tutors) beyond the reach of many students who might never have the opportunity to explore careers in STEM fields.



As luck would have it, my journey on this Earth began with me born in a place and into a family that would ensure my place at the head of the line, with more resources at my disposal than fellow travelers. I’ve always been sensitive to the struggles of those not so lucky as I. But I’ve never cried so close to my own birthday.


Charleston, San Bernardino, Paris, Orlando, Baton Rouge, Minnesota, all the others and . . . Dallas. You all know the ones that make the news, but that’s just the tip of the iceberg. In the US alone there were as many shootings of 4 or more people as days in 2015 (47 on school campuses alone).


I will not sit idly by. I will do what I can to improve the world for as many people as I can, hoping that what little I can do might prevent some of this senseless violence. I don’t have the skills or the power to take on the forces I believe have created an environment where these events can happen so easily, so regularly. But I do have skills that I can use to help my community have some of the same educational opportunities I had during my youth—and maybe, just maybe, that might improve lives enough to make such things less likely.


It starts now! I will find a way to provide free, high-level tutoring for those in need. I regret that it took a tragedy so close to home to motivate me to follow through with plans I’ve kicked around for years. It’s been a long time coming—my 44th circuit will be different!

Hoping to give back to and improve his community by elevating academic achievement for a wider range of students, Adam sought a way to provide tutoring that everyone could afford. After a couple years thinking about how he might bring those hopes to fruition, an unlikely tragedy brought a sense of urgency to his plans:  On 7 July 2016, five police officers fell victim to unspeakable violence in his hometown during a peaceful protest in which citizens and law enforcement had been interacting amicably. Just five days later, the defining moment of Adam’s 43rd birthday would be a nationally broadcast memorial service—that’s when he penned the above verse and posted it on Facebook with the bold commitment shown next to it.

Less than two months later, the Free Tutoring Foundation was established. The success of the Foundation will be measured in lives changed for the better and the resulting positive force that improves our community by giving a lift to those most in need, and proving the old adage that

. . . a rising tide

       lifts all ships.


Adam Jochelson

Executive Director


Adam Jochelson, PE is a private tutor of math, science, and engineering with over 20 years experience helping students understand this vital material and its connections to the everyday and the extraordinary. He has spent the majority of his adult life involved in teaching, including his regular tutoring and two-years of full-time teaching at Jesuit College Preparatory School. Adam’s varied background (including engineering, computer science, waste management, and professional soccer) gives him a unique perspective that helps students connect the concepts they learn in math and science to real-world examples of how they might use them. The Free Tutoring Foundation exists because of Adam’s vision and desire to give all students the opportunity to succeed in their academic pursuits. In addition to extensive volunteer work, Adam has personal experience guiding non-profit organizations serving as a committee chair on the Board of Directors of the Texas Land Conservancy. Adam earned his Bachelor of Science in Engineering from Duke University and is a licensed Professional Engineer in Texas.